1. achilles wrath

    Money doesn’t bring class or culture lol

  2. karlito

    if her family wasn’t the Hilton’s no would care about this fugly bitch.

  3. Eric

    I’d like to know how comments get picked for Most Important People. Some really smart, funny comments never make it and some really dumb ones do. Some witha high number of thumbs up’s don’t make it either. What’s the secret?

  4. logan

    What’s the short of it? She is an ass.

  5. lily

    whens she gunna shove a pineapple up there?

  6. Interred Ferguson

    Looks like Batista from WWE was desperate for a bodyguard gig….

  7. Sunzi

    I have seen the God of Death, and I know it’s name

  8. Olga

    What is going on with her right leg? It looks diseased.

  9. Kristen Stewart, The

    At least I’m always thinking of what I’m looking at when I see her pictures. I’m looking at a rich and blonde girl who’s often in indecent exposure and thinking, “Damn, this blonde little slut pups is laughing her way to bank!”.
    Alternatively, when I look at a picture of Moo Kardashian, I’m always thinking of a dumptruck, filled with bags of rotten food and cottage cheese. I don’t care how much dough that hoe has!

  10. the crazy betty

    I smell clam chowder…

  11. Carolyn

    Yes Rolly, I’m sure she’s fascinating.

  12. The Royal Penis

    “Farting always makes me giggle, see?”

  13. daisy

    no one looks happy but her

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