1. Grand Poobah

    looks like she is all set for the next round of Batman auditions / casting calls

  2. JohnnyDepp

    that dress is stupid and she knows that and she doesnt care

  3. Grand Poobah

    Keeps everyone away from her, if you tried to run your hands all over here she would feel like a cross between a brillo pad and steel wool–that’s sexy

  4. Can

    Always appreciate good Watchmen fan fiction.

  5. Kristen Stewart, The

    I couldn’t contain the bush, this is the best Rachel Zoe could work around with. I thought it really worked you guys! So what you are saying is that I need to fire that bitch Zoe?! F*%k, not many daring to work with my newfound bush. As an actress, I really try to stay as true to my roles, and I was going in line with the times for the ..Huntsman. I mean, they didn’t shave right? I couldn’t find an answer to that one in my research for the role. Well, I just wanted to clear the air. So “thumbs-up” if you’re bush fans! Thumbs down, you can suck it!

  6. BostonBruin

    ha ha!! Tom Frank you’re on a roll this week!! Kudos!!

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