1. Wite

    No probs with her as a person, but the tan! That fake tan! Eek Give the tan a rest and it’s all good

  2. For this recipe, powdered milk is okay.

  3. Grand Poobah

    that is one fucking awful looking face, I’d have to triple bag it and definitely not bring it home to mom.

    This whole picture just reeks of class, total class!!

  4. Grand Poobah

    I’d like some nipple prints in my cookies please.

  5. HailSatan

    She is so gross

  6. lily

    woof that face.

  7. Are we sure she isn’t Tan Mom’s long lost daughter?

  8. r,

    they should just scan her bar code and settle the age debate for good.

  9. Jes

    Who is she ?

    • Kristen Stewart, The

      I still don’t know what made this hags have any recognition. Aren’t there plenty of old hags married to young hags, in the US atleast is a common practice I thought? Her husband automatically makes her a hag when it should be that if you marry a young person they make you younger, no? Isn’t it how that works? Who is her hag husband too? Soooo many unanswered questions.

  10. Jes

    oh sorry – ms. stodden

  11. lim

    How sad is it that the mom looks younger than her.

  12. floyd

    After the eyelids, we apply frosting to the cake.

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