1. Nicki

    How does this crazy bitch still have those kids?

  2. Buddy The Elf

    Yay she is moving across the Pond?

  3. Mike Walker

    A blight on old blighty.

  4. Blech

    She was quoted on ABC News recently:

    “I hate ‘Octomom,’” she told “Good Morning America” in an interview. “I wanna’ take a freaking sledgehammer and crack her in half…”

    Pretty easy to find someone to take care of sledehammering Octomom, no?

  5. logan

    Just listening to this woman ramble on and on one knows that she has some sort of mental disorder. Dr. Drew had her on his show and he had to tell her to slow down and stay on subject. The fact that Children’s Services didn’t find any real problems doesn’t surprise me. Lindsay Lohan is still running free. You folks in California are in my prayers. You tax payers are forced to keep all these mental cases.

  6. ReelWorld

    An insult to Brits everywhere. This woman taints the union jack simply by holding it….

  7. Justin Bleeber

    She’s grotesque! Why are people paying her for nude pictures and porn. It’s disgusting and sad. If I was rich, I’d give her a million bucks, but only if she would promise not to appear on TV, the internet or in magazines ever again. She makes me want to vomit.

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