1. Blech


  2. W.C. Fields

    She looks sweaty as usual.

  3. pretty vacant

    those 2 guys are probably disappointed that she didnt sign her autograph on their paper as ‘black widow’.

    • Yade

      Hello Lewises!Joan here, Queasy would like for Shane to come over this afternoon and since my phone with your nuembr died and I have long since lost the slip of paper it was written on so ..if you still have OUR nuembr give us a call and let’s see if we can get our guys together!Do I have to post about politics to make this a valid entry? If so, well, I liked Fred Thompson so I reckon I won’t be voting in this election. JUST KIDDING about not voting. A recent survey that does an auto match up with your views resulted in a Huckabee/Romney toss up .

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