1. quickrick


  2. “If you think I look bad, just wait till you smell my breath!”

  3. bing

    I remember the days when the mainstream media were trying to make us believe she was a beautiful girl. This is why I love Internet today.

    • Blech

      My brother had a major crush on her. Of course, he married a psycho… so there you have it, his taste in women.

  4. Awesome reference.

  5. ASDF


  6. (Gary Busey’s voice)


  7. Margaret Hamilton

    I’m going to get you my pretty…and your little dog too

  8. PandaThunder

    Kobra Khan needs a better wig.

  9. fuck you

    Jesus Christ. Kill it before it lays eggs!

  10. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    nom nom nom

  11. BeBo Wobbley

    She looks exactly like a poorly made wax figure of Joan Rivers…two facelifts ago!

  12. W.C. Fields

    Looks like her dad in drag. Scary.

  13. richie


  14. growler

    HEY YOU !!! What do you mean I should of saved my daddys money and not gotten the NOSE JOB ? TELL ME IM BEAUTIFUL DAMN IT!!

  15. JK

    That crying sound Fran Drescher did on the Nanny, after seeing this the sound is more appropriate here than out of Franny.

  16. whosyourdaddy

    I always knew aliens are among us, this is proof.

  17. I just felt my penis retreating back into my body, and then I realized I don’t even have one. Well played, Donna.

  18. PeteVenkman

    She looks exactly like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

  19. arnieblackblack

    Swallow your soul, swallow your soul!!!

  20. Jake Ryan

    I thought Divine was dead!?!?!

  21. Shoebacca

    …and the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race is….!

  22. anonym

    HOLY FUCK !!! that face !

    I wonder if she passed on that ugly face to her kids

  23. fred

    AHAHAHA I thought I was going to fart and look another kid popped out AHAHAHAHA

  24. Clamour

    She looks like Jacki Stallone!!!

  25. JANE


  26. doozy

    Haha, this picture is mean. She is such a kind hearted person

  27. squishy


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