1. Blech

    Yep. Yep, I see it.

  2. I’m running her bath as of this minute.

  3. Girl

    I love her, I really do.

  4. Stupid

    I’d do her in an instant. I think she would be wild in bed.

    • FYI, people that are always on the verge of passing out make lousy lays. Plus, there’s the additional hassles of either cleaning up the vomit, having to pin that “I overdosed” note to them before you drop them off at the ER, or disposing of the body. Pass.

  5. quagmire

    GROSS. She shoots up between her toes that’s why you can’t see the tracks on her arms. She looks like Amy Winehouse with .01% of the talent and hit with the uglystick to boot.

  6. Drundel

    Everything said is true, but damn she has some nice REAL boobs.

  7. Sam

    “Dearly departed…”

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