1. Dick Hell

    I watched that movie for a buck back in the ’80s. The Gay Blade was actually Zorro’s flamboyant twin Bunny Wigglesworth.

  2. meh

    And here we see Paris Hilton meeting her chest twin.

  3. meh

    The wonk eye is in full force I see, or rather I squint.

  4. meh

    And finally Paris comes face to face with something that has even more white priviledge than she does.

  5. meh

    She’s trying to read the writing on the wall, unfortunately they don’t make brail for braindead whores.

  6. meh

    Ok that’s all I’ve got. (What the UPS guy says to Paris when he drops off her monthly truckload of Zorivax).

  7. blablabla

    this useless white trash is still alive ? … There is no God !

  8. BAHAH

    I like the bitch’s dress, but that is all.

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