1. she is definitely a ten, unfortunately her IQ is the same number

    • Brooke

      She’s pretty friggin’ ugly. Ugly face, stupid fake boobs, fake fake fake…. Even if you were trying to be funny, please don’t suggest this is the appearance women should strive for. We can do much better.

    • BAHAH

      Are you an idiot? She has no hips, her boob implants look stupid and not natural, her face is weird…Come on, a ten? If Kate Beckinsale was her, hell yes, but KENDRA? Dear lord…

  2. PopPopPop

    I’m sorry, but women with that body type should not wear a swimsuit (or whatever that is) like that. It’s more for women with wider hips. It make her already bigger upper body, bigger. :S

  3. Brooke

    Just thought I would point out that this isn’t a camel toe. More like a horse hoof.

  4. blablabla

    fake boobs, fake hair color, tons of make up, had sex with an old grandpa for what ? to get famous ? doing what ? parade as an object of lust ?…. Poor woman, i couldn t possibly envy or admire someone with such low self esteem…. and brains ! …

  5. stacy

    We have all seen her naked and watched her sex tape. Why bother showing her with any type of clothes on?

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