1. Coffee

    I’m not sure if that’s snooki or the other one, but it needs to be milked.

  2. Cock Dr

    That’s Snooki?
    Well it’s almost noon on a Saturday, I suppose I can start drinking now.

  3. Grand Dragon

    I’d make a map of hawaii on those

    • mourning wood

      ahh yes – that cleavage looks like it’d be a nice cushy landing for a throbbing member…can’t say much else for her tho

  4. OMG! This troll-doll/garden gnome is EVERYWHERE! Why, please tell me why? All of these worthless, skanky, no-talent, f**ked-up fame-hoes need to frikkin disappear.

  5. jeffiner

    i don’t understand this picture. why are her legs so far to the left?

  6. I know i understand the meaning ” they’re useless like tits on a boar”

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