1. americana

    EWWWW. WHa’ts that on my neck y’all?

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      home made cheese puffs y’all!

  2. God is Black

    Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? To the Negro Gentleman of the North.

  3. Ummm…pretty sure its a microphone y’all

  4. Cock Dr

    A Dr could take that off for her…..just sayin’.

  5. free wifi

    Get better monitors, y’all

  6. IhateAriespeople

    she has nice eyes

  7. dooood

    wow didn’t even notice that. wonder if she’s related to lemmy

  8. ohellno

    She has a bad case of cameltoe neck…

  9. hhh

    Katy Perry in 25 years.

  10. Matt

    That’s not a boil, it’s an M&M.

  11. Buddy the Elf

    Here’s a quarter to pay a rat to gnaw that thing off your neck.

  12. Anon

    Man, this comment sucked before you cut the end off. So are you now allowed to edit comments to be better and then include them on here?

  13. Zakk Hollywood

    It’s either a microphone or a butter blister. Both are completely feasible.

  14. NOI

    I don’t want to get old, ever :[

  15. techman

    In a minute her head will split open and it will be Arnold underneath.

  16. somerandomchic

    Y’know that shade of yellow that Perdue dyes it’s chickens? Yea.. Eat right and stay healthy folks.. or live with yellow puss filled boils.. your choice.

  17. Ha,Awesome I think it’s great

  18. jesse

    If they want that mic to blend in why would they make it Snooki colored? There can’t be that many people that works for.

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