1. “I like my Marine peen to be this big. Anything smaller is just an insult.”

  2. BenDoverman

    She’s startin to look like her mother, blech!

  3. Nug

    Absolutely georgous Woman.

  4. licialicia

    how much you want to bet that marine was totally disappointed when he saw that she is basically wearing a t-shirt and ponytail to this thing. Bitch should have brought it.

  5. Terry

    I think the military should ban soldiers from asking celebs to those fucking balls! Look, we appreciate the service that they do but goddamn we don’t have to be their fucking date!
    And look at the way that fucking guy is staring at her. He knows damn well he has spent many sleepless nights jacking off to her doe eyed, no titty ass for years.

    • m

      ‘we’? you a celeb, terry? wow, i’m speaking to someone famous.

    • squishy

      Gilliam is that you?!! Monty Python rocked, as well as Munchausan, Fear & Loathing, and Imaginariium!! Guess its been a while since any military personnel asked you to a ball…

  6. bigalkie

    Lily Allen can’t wait to tell her mates that she blew a three star general in the Bubba Army!

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