1. “Trannies of the world, unite!”

    • sarahmay

      hot mess.

    • karlito

      i guess she thinks that by piling on the makeup and wearing skin tight outfits that she all sexy again. she could be in one of the Internet…”look at who’s shopping at Walmart” photo spreads. she used to be so fucking hot, i can’t believe she looks like this and she only 30. i guess being rich and famous and pretty much locked up in your mansion, so you can have privacy, makes you eat and eat and eat.

  2. SIN

    still extremely fuckable.

  3. little turtle head

    God I wanna Fuck her brains out!

  4. jk

    The pattern, I’ve seen it before. Was this an old photo from last Halloween where she sang dressed up as the Michelin Tire Girl?

  5. Nug

    Dee Snider?

  6. Karen

    Wow, do you how many young women would kill to be that “fat”.?No wonder so many young girls are praying to the porcelin gods, you’re all horrible.

  7. pussy taster

    And then make her lick the jizz

  8. wardcleaver

    I saw her jilling off on omegle. Shes got beautiful pussy lips.

  9. Lisa

    Jesus, bitch, ever hear of a girdle?

  10. DK

    Very nice.

  11. janie

    she’s delusional about her appearance. just like britney and all the other divas. sad and embarrassing for them, but at least they got money.



  13. De Vo

    I would hit that in a second. people can say what they want but with those sexy ass lips and when them titties come unleashed 95% of straight males would be all up in that.

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