1. Cock Dr

    The handle & the comment compliment each other so well.
    Damn, what a great batch this week.

  2. Anon

    Winner winner chicken dinner.

  3. Krystle


  4. Bucky Barnes

    Kelsey: “Just wait until we get back to the trailer park, then I’LL give you something to cry about..!”

  5. peorio

    “Please God, don’t make me look at that thing up close!”

    Waiting for the cash

  6. truth

    haha okay, i lied about the khloe cake one…this one’s the best. mel ftw

  7. jim

    This was the best series so far. Good work team. You get friday off.

  8. Awesome! Though I have to give credit, the toss salad and scrambled eggs was my favorite.

    I was hoping my Bieber Jesus Kwitatz Haderach comment would make it. I thought for sure TSW was a Dune fan.

  9. Janny

    is he dating buffy the vampire slayer?

  10. LiLi

    I think she just realized she got an over-bearing father figure.

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