1. Cock Dr

    That’s his look. It’s taken him to this weird place & I don’t think he’s changing it.

  2. moshimoshi

    lmao, so true now that i think about it…AMERICAN PSYCHO!

  3. TheAdmiral

    I have to say, that suit isn’t helping matters.

  4. In that case, I wish him godspeed.

  5. Lisa

    Could he be a bigger tool? A bow tie? Seriously?

  6. Hahahahaha! So true!

  7. Diana

    He looks like Evil! Michael Scott.

  8. Carolina_D

    And SHE looks like a little girl playing ‘dress-up’ with her mum’s clothes and make-up. It’s all just too much for her, she needs to go for a sweet, young look, not these over-the-top looks the rest of her family ‘rock’. The others can ALMOST get away with it (although they ALL need to tone it all down a few notches) but she really needs to find her OWN look. I have no words at all to express what I think about HIM!

  9. LAprincess2011

    I like kk more with her hair down….

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