1. The Great Cornholio

    I need olio, for my bunghole.

  2. Virgodoll

    Donald Duck?

    • The O

      What is it with her and that damn duck face she makes all the time. it’s like she’s intentionally trying to appear retarded.

  3. It’s nice to see Miley’s just like practically every other 18-year old girl in this country: An attention whore.

  4. The Mulleted One is going to regret a bit more when Miley turns to porn.

  5. J-Dizzle

    Hi, I’m Miley Dickface… I mean Duckface

  6. Hugh Gentry

    I can’t wait for her sex tape!!!

  7. Steve

    Open Letter to America – please stop watching/buying anything related to the Kardashians. If you stop, I guarantee they will go away and the world will be just a little bit better.

  8. Opps

    What is with those lips? She looks retarded. Stop trying to resemble an over botoxed 40-year-old! You’re young!

  9. Melchor

    It’s a great picture, all you have to duck is crop it so the duck wont spoil it.

  10. testington

    She isn’t even kinda cute, she is average in the face and has like no tits. She has really hot legs but that is the only attractive thing about her.

  11. David King

    I guess i’m suppose 2 say this is not hot…

  12. LAprincess2011

    Now that’s a real duck face!

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