1. lauryn

    ah, best for last

  2. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I don’t understand why people are so mean to this couple and this girl in particular. Of all the Kardashians she seems to be the most decent and down to earth. She didn’t leak a sex tape or have a bastard child, instead she just went and got married? What’s wrong with that?

    • dead peter

      She’s a shrill, entitled, famous-for-nothing opportunist whose sole purpose in life is to hawk shoddy products and services and steal focus off of anyone and anything, regardless of how pointless it is to look at her. And yeah, someone like her gets uglier with every glance. Gorillas may throw feces and fornicate at the zoo for our amusement, but they’ve had the good taste not to film themselves doing it and bottle the scent. Until now.

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