1. flavorfest


  2. Joe Blow

    This is the funniest one. LOL

  3. s'up bitches

    I understand he was in harm’s way, and it must feel scary, but when he stated it was the first time he was ever punched, I thought “dude, where the fuck did you grow up”? For me, growing up, getting into fist fights was called “Saturday night”.

  4. Zee Brat

    @s’up butches Well now we all know you’re from Detroit.

  5. Superficial Bitch

    OMG this comment is EPPPPPPPPIC.

    just brilliant, never thought I’d say this and mean it but: Well don’t Mr. Hogan.

  6. Superficial Bitch

    ha ha hey man, old habits…. *well DONE Mr. Hogan.

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