1. chuck d

    damn that is one sexy woman

  2. burton

    take away the pound of makeup, the done up hair, then show me what she looks like..meh, im tired of these clown faced makeup monsters.

    • Damn fucken Hater out of all the shit you have something to say about hair and makeup??
      She’s obviously fit and has sterling blue eyes but that wouldn’t be enough for you would it? I’d like to see all your gorgeous successful ex girlfriends and your shitty online pictures to see if you guys are Half as hot as this babe -Loser :b

  3. The General

    Once again I’m begging you to get a new web guy. This site is broken in some new way each day.

  4. Adam

    Between Katy Perry and the Anne Boleyn character on “The Tudors”…. I am developing a case of Tennis Elbow… (there is nothing else to do in Iraq)

  5. slapkatyperry

    I hate this ignorant no talent hack, when she speaks i want to punch her right in her fucking noise hole. narcissistic cunt

  6. JustSomeGirl

    I don’t like Katy Perry at all but I think that dress looks really nice on her. Looks good with the color of her hair and eyes. This is probably the best I have seen her look.

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