1. If he hadn’t blown $35 on that Powerbalance hologram wrist band he could have afforded a shirt.

  2. Rough of Gibraltar

    Whos idea was this? That broad that keeps playing him like a yoyo?

  3. Venom

    This is all sorts of gay.
    Are you trying to tell us something Uncle Juicehead?

  4. He’s got the tits for it.

  5. Jables19

    What an edgy photo. What’s next? The Situation with Snooki’s penis?

  6. Arizona Ken

    Why is that dude from Twilight always taking his shirt off?

  7. “In Jersey Shore, wig wears you!”

  8. bbiowa

    Squint into his navel and you can read the Lord’s Prayer.

  9. Head and Shoulders is taking this thing too far.

  10. Mike Walker

    ♫ Not about to see your light
    And if you wanna find hell with me
    I can show you what it’s like… ♫

  11. A cock diesel without the cock.

  12. This guy makes me long for a real picture of Snooki. Yuck!

  13. fandy

    Sammy is goin to be all kinds-of-jelly over the chick Ron’s being,

  14. Shorty80

    Sam better demand a paternity test when Ronnie’s baby bump erupts in a couple months.

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