1. Pedobear dressed as dracula? You’re not foolin’ anyone!

  2. Deacon Jones

    “Hey kids. Want to hear how I know so much about repressed molestation memories?

  3. Dr. Drew as Vampire Anderson Cooper?

  4. samuel

    dr drew as a bloodsucking vampire… thats just AWESOME!!!

  5. Worst Missed Crap ever, but at least there were nipples.

  6. Lifechangers? Looks like he certainly changed those kids lives, they were dysfunctional…now they’re bored.

  7. Venom

    He dressed as his true self. Nice.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Look, I’ll do it again. Kids are here right? And now they’re gone. Men…in…gitis!

  9. “Let the Wacky Races begin! AH AH AH”

  10. Kissinger

    This is about as sad as the Kirk Cameron photo.

  11. Dr Ha-Ha

    He jumped the shark once the cameras stopped rolling.

  12. C Bass

    He’s going to sacrifice those kids to keep his creepy youth like features. Dr. Drew is the Elizabeth Bathory of tv doctors!

  13. zomgbie

    way to suck the life out of those poor kids dr drew.
    now they will grow up to be dysfunctional alcoholic drug addicts with sexual perversions and bad teeth and lost limbs.

  14. fandy

    “A shark, 2 zombies and DR. Drew walk into a bar….”

  15. Showing that insanity is undoubtedly a medical issue, Dr. Drew Pinsky, dressed in his usual evening attire, indicates how treating his patients has made him a bit…odd!

  16. The girl in the middle is going as one of the patients he’s helped.

  17. Leblanc

    What the hell is that girl in the middle? White nicki mninaj?

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