1. “What? I thought you said, ‘Dress like more of a THOR than usual…’”

  2. amanda

    Paris the Princess of Herpes!

  3. Rachel

    Even the Power of Grey Skull can’t defeat genital warts!

  4. Looks like she’s leaking again.

  5. Ruth


  6. your mom

    Haha! Her knees are dirty…

  7. Venom

    She just looks old, sad and desperate.

  8. Please tell me she’s about to enter ThunderDome.

  9. Jables19

    She is dressed as one of her white blood cells. Those things are always at war.

  10. Steve Hirsch already bought the rights to One Night in She-Ra. You say you won’t watch it, but you will. And you’ll leave disappointed, just like the rest of us.

  11. squishy

    So 2000!

  12. bbiowa

    Herpes Thor. Archfoe: Valtrexia.

  13. bbiowa

    Thor Whore. Archfoe: Abstinentia.

  14. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    one more reason the people who created She-Ra are apologizing for creating that cartoon series.

  15. DNA

    She looks twice as old as her own mother.

  16. Sin

    Too bad we know she is a disease ridden skank because she looks kinda good in this pic.
    She has to wear the tight panty hose to keep her critters in check.

  17. Blech

    She’s wearing hose. That’s more fabric than usual.

  18. It’s nice that she’s hanging out with all her friend… heh heh.

  19. zomgbie

    judging from the ground its obvious that kim kardassian was already there.

  20. “Tomorrow I’m starting my new job replacing the water in empty water bottles. The guy said I would be his #1 FILL-A-TRIX, and I’d get $10 for each refill.”

  21. Leblanc

    That superhero from the 1950s she’s depicting is more relevant than her… I’d call it sad but I guess it’s just Paris Hilton..

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