1. Deacon Jones

    You know what would be really funny?

    If he shoved her head into his crotch, like he was pumping a bike tire.

  2. I guess the relevancy of those outfits just shit the bed.

  3. Colin

    Are they going as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries? Because that’s even more hilarious now.

  4. squishy

    Ummm, why?

  5. bbiowa

    So… Mario Lopez and a fat, brunette Kelly Ripa?

  6. DNA

    This is just too funny. Is that a suntanning lamp I see behind them.

  7. Mythbusters: Only known picture of a woman in a wedding dress with her face within an 18″ radius of a man’s crotch.

  8. Misana

    Kim K and Humphries..

  9. These two will last almost as long as the real Kim K and Kris Whats-his-name.

  10. Noel

    “as long as you’re down there…”

  11. Their fake marriage would last longer than Kim Kardashian’s.

  12. What the fuck…I’ve been sitting here watching for 15 minutes, and so far she hasn’t even undone his zipper…

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