1. Deacon Jones

    Just fucking stop already.

  2. Who’s she supposed to be? Chris Brown’s Playboy fantasy???

  3. LegMan

    Looks like she’s been on her kness.

  4. Ah, the old “Down on her luck Playboy Bunny with scalp wound”…it was a big seller at target.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “I’m the Playboy Club. I’ve just been cut.”

  6. When she asked her fans how she should dress up for Halloween, there must have been enough of them that said they wanted to see her gash.

  7. bbiowa

    How fucked up is this world that sucking mothballed dick really DOES earn you a career?

  8. Dressed as a Playboy Bunny who refuses to listen. What an original idea!!

  9. Jackie

    Dorothy Stratten

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