1. LegMan

    I see she went as my girlfriend.

  2. samuel

    wow, she’s gone as normal person!!! greeeeat costume!!!

  3. TurdFergussen


  4. And the ‘most inappropriate event to show your nipple at’ award goes to… (not that I’m complaining)

  5. Venom

    See Lindsay, this is how you do coke head.

  6. She has no idea where she is or how she got there, but you know she’s going to be the life of the party anyhow.

  7. I guess I hadn’t realized that Boring is a costume.

  8. DNA

    She looks cute as her sobered up self.

  9. k-bo

    cher from clueless nip slip, what?

  10. lori

    Is she using her hair extensions as a shawl? And what is that weird long rope hanging down off of her?

  11. gigi

    who???? 15 minutes much?

  12. Nice costume, dressed as someone I’d like to molest.

    Several times.

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