1. YadaYada

    Where’s a gust of wind when you need it?

  2. Monsignor Nelson

    The plastic hair is blocking our view of the plastic titties below the plastic face.

  3. fake hair extensions draped to cover the breasts? What amazingly creative new thing will Nicki Minaj come up with next?

  4. All these pop stars think they are so edgy because they show some boob or dress up in leather S&M outfits or kiss a girl. Sorry, but they’ve all got to stop imitating everyone who ever came after Madonna and come up with something new. And I’m not claiming Madonna was the first person to ever do anything edgy.

  5. Her fake hair is covering her fake face and fake breasts. Its the ultimate fake out!

  6. I always imagine people doing this kind of duckface using those rubber bands I had to wear when I had braces, only around their lips.

  7. Tricky Ricky

    when I heard Victoria’s Secret was putting out a line of lace-front bras…somehow this isn’t what I pictured

  8. HoneyToe

    White titties?? even the skin tone is fake….

  9. whatever

    is everybody getting naked now? is it naked August?

  10. Masterful crop.

  11. She does have nice tits though!!.

  12. Ironically the hair is covering up hairy nipples

  13. NuclearWalrus

    Manaj a trois plastique, n’est ce pas?

  14. Those are some nice titties. I wanna squeeze ‘em.

  15. Horny the Clown strikes again. Except something tells me this thing is so in love with itself, it’s frigid.

  16. Hold a candle under this bitch and you’d have to wonder what would catch on fire first? Her fake her or her fake plastic Tupperware bowl tits?

  17. She looks like she’d melt if you sat her near a flame. Come out looking like Sloth from The Goonies.

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