1. Me and my boner know better than to think that this is hot. Better luck next time, internet.

  2. Definitely not fuckable.

  3. Those aren’t sunglasses; Giant black bug eyes are her latest amazing plastic surgery.

  4. ultra

    malcolm mcdowell looks good in drag.

  5. Those sunglasses… seem off, somehow… Like they have been pulled upward, and stretched, then stapled at the hairline. Weird.

  6. awk

    Thank you. This is the only time in the history of the Internet where a see-through blouse is not exciting.

  7. What the hell is going on with her nose? Is the modeling clay melting?

  8. nose job by Dr. Cardoor Slam.

  9. whatever

    she must be going to the same plastic surgeon as heather locklear, he is switching body parts between them, with two disasters as a result, and meg ryan picking up the leftovers and messing up her look, plastic surgeons will burn, natural aging messed up big time, there is no going back, and no knowing if they could have looked naturally good as a lot of elderly ladies do

  10. Jenn

    Nice that one of Latoya Jackson’s old noses went to a good home.

  11. Your move, Sharon Sto-….oh, fuck it.

  12. Robb7

    She’s one surgery away from joining Joan Rivers at the glue factory.

  13. zzz

    How long before her ears meet on the back of her head? I’m thinking 6 months, maybe less.

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