1. Every ritual has its uniform and Kamooden is no exception…
    To be honest though, she looks a bit over-dressed….

  2. Obviously she just wants to be a private person. Enough with the attention already!

  3. Colin

    I’ve never noticed that tattoo of a gun underneath her arm. And thankfully neither has Chris Brown. No need to give him any ideas.

  4. cc

    This bikini would great on someone who isn’t a ditchpig.

  5. proud I never jerked off to this woman and proud I did jerk off to Lady Gaga.

  6. All you haters don’t know squat. Rih is one the most beautiful woman that ever lived. Her body is rock solid and totally amazing. You guys need to get over it and give the woman her dues. The girl is STUNNING!!!

  7. I’m torn. I also think she’s super hot but I also think that the word “ditchpig” is awesome. (Well done, cc)

  8. Just do porn already

  9. Always looks like she smells bad

  10. She needs another classy tat to round things out, like a Kermit the Frog on her abs, or a bar code just under her supernumerary nipple.

  11. Aside from the shitty tattoos, she looks pretty good lately.

  12. heroinstripper

    am I the only one who thinks from the head up in that pic she could easily be taken for a man??

  13. I am struggling to find anything attractive about this woman.

  14. Pugiron

    Was an 8, quickly turned into a 6. Now she’s a 5. One more tattoo and she will hit 4.

  15. I’d eat that in a heartbeat & you bullcrap guys would also!!!.

  16. Just fucking go away, would you?

  17. caley

    “What did I do last night?! This past week, actually? It feels like I got butt-sexed all over the Bahamas!”
    *Checks Twitter*
    “Oh dear God not again…”

  18. Is it just me or do Rihanna’s tits magically change size every other day?

  19. Robb7

    These little fame whores will never learn the art of real seduction — always leave ‘em wanting more. NOT, more, more and even more every damn day!! She’s become that vitamin shoved down your throat day in and day out. Be gone, already!!!

  20. Well we’ve never seen this much of her before! Zoinks! -_-
    At the very least I am jealous of her stomach area. When I stand straight it’s fine and dandy, when I sit I look like a melting log of cheese.
    ‘Cowgirl’ is off the table.

  21. It’s not a surprise that her nickname and the slang term for retard sound exactly the same.

  22. momo

    stupidiest tattoo choiices ….EVAH..

  23. The light-skinned Ri does not have a tan, this is the staining from repeated Betadine dips insisted upon by her more discerning and germophobic clients.

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