1. Cock Dr

    She’s trying to be a UK version of Paris Hilton I guess.
    In America we have the best & mostest famewhores; those Brits are playing catch-up.

  2. Louwww

    They spelled “Hulk Hogan” wrong

  3. “Who’s got two thumbs and looks shitty in a swimsuit?”

  4. Looks like she’s getting ready to play ‘switch’.

  5. youbetcha

    1982 called and wants it’s Aerobics workout suit back.

  6. bbiowa

    I have never hoped so strongly for a picture of Coco.

  7. farting old man's wife

    That is so gross! If you are going to show that much of your groin region, for the love of god SPRAY TAN all of it!!!!!

  8. Katie demonstrates how many people will buy this magazine. Four.

  9. jasmine

    i’ll bet this is what jennifer REALLY has in that box…strapon included

  10. Ponkur


  11. cheese mitts

    Wow, the handjob, blow job, handjob trifecta! Katie Price: putting the “hard-hitting” back into “journalism”.

  12. “This is a perfectly clean sheet of bulletproof glass. Go ahead and take a shot!”

  13. Kitty


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