1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Gomez is straight checking out those titties.

  2. It’s understandable she would be fascinated by a full figured woman, considering she has to look at a skinny effeminate one all day…

  3. The Royal Penis

    “You see these puppies? This is what happens when you become a women. Well that, and you get to have sex with actual men.”

  4. So Selena Gomez is 3 years old?

  5. “One day, lad…All this will be yours.”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Ooh… Hillary Swank’s boobs don’t look lke that.

  7. Mr. Poop

    selena is clearly a lesbian…lusting after those boobs and dating a girl

  8. “I want those when I grow up” – Selena Gomez

    “Me too” – Justin Bieber

  9. gnarla

    Honestly though, IS that Selena Gomez or is it a little girl?

  10. “Wow, I can only make that kind of cleavage by pressing my chipmunk cheeks together.” Thought Selena….

  11. “Yes waitress, I’ll have 2 lumps.”

  12. Josephus

    “Tits or GTF…come onnnnnnnn down!”

  13. rantatonne

    “So i walked up to Justin and pressed my boobs together like Ashley is showing you. Then Justin made a face like this, started crying and ran off saying he was going to tell on me to Usher.”

  14. I could’ve sworn that was a 12 year old girl staring at Ashley’s chest.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    Ashley: “You will pay for my trip, Meals and hotel room!”

    Selena:” Yes my Master…”

  16. Jade

    Why does Selena look about 6 yrs old in this pic?

  17. anonymous

    Always said Selena had the features of an overgrown toddler. This pic proves it.

  18. Joaquin ingles

    Cushing’s disease is a bitch.

  19. ash

    all women look at other women’s boobs. and yes selena does look like she did at 12 here.

  20. YTBOY

    Hey!! Did you kids have your milk today!!!

  21. Gabe Kaplan

    “Cream for your coffee?”
    “Uh no… I’m good.”

  22. Gabe Kaplan

    “Cream for your coffee?”
    “Uh no thanks… I’m good.”

  23. Lohan's Parole Officer

    One day Selena will get pass puberty and blossom into a real woman.

  24. I there was a reason Selena Gomez freaked me out. SHE’S FROM INFORMATION RETRIEVAL! RUN!!!!!

  25. mummtyone

    They’re in VENICE! Where are you?

  26. But she's right...

    I have no idea if Selena Gomez has any talent since I’ve never bothered to see her in anything but she looks like a pedophile’s fantasy. She’s 20 years old but can pass for 12 or younger like in this photo.
    Hey, old men! Here’s your new Lolita! And you she hangs out with another very young looking girl who goes by the name Justin.

  27. cock little

    “Wow when I grow up may body may do that too???”

  28. mike

    LOL this pic made me laugh..

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