1. Joe

    She ages better than fine wine. Must be the yogurt.

  2. vgrly

    Rember True Lies?

  3. She’s doing Activia commercials just to get her career restarted again. Soon she’ll be moving up to the big time, suppositories, enemas and butt plugs. Ahh, the sweet smell of success.

  4. Those tits take me back.

  5. If Anderson Cooper looked like this, I’d bang him.

  6. Deacon Jones

    For those who think she’s hot, she was admittedly born a hermaphrodite…….so…..YOU’RE GAY!

    • “Admittedly”? Try “allegedly” or “reportedly.”

    • BonerBoy

      “Hermaphrodte” just means you have the sexual organs of both male and female, sometimes they’re just rudimentary and nearly non-existant. I believe they go by hormones to judge whether the baby is truly a girl or a boy, ad I would say she is wonderfully and totally a girl! So she’s aging; everyone does, and so will you! She has a great figure for her age, and for any age! And very nice boobs, for any age. However, I do doubt that they weren’t helped by a good plastic surgeon. So what!?

  7. boy, Ellen Degeneres’ mom gets around

  8. I hear her and Lady GaGa are an item now.

  9. Dr. Ike

    Looks like the high beams are still in fine working order.

  10. BigOkie

    That nice looking old guy has a spectacular set of hooters!!!

  11. Paul

    Apparently Richard Dean Anderson does yogurt commercials now? The kinda yogurt that gives him tits?

  12. cc

    Anyone in the original Hallowe’en gets a pass for life.

  13. popwilleatitself

    Damn she is still so fine. And it appears she has had very little, if any, work done.

  14. If you’re in to anal, her poopchute is pre-enema’d for your enjoyment. Plus, she has a dick. So, there’s that. And tits.

  15. celebsloveme

    This woman is fabulous. A Fish Called Wanda was amazing and she was perfect in it.

  16. I totally, absolutely, and enthusiastically still would. With gusto and abandon. Repeatedly.

  17. She walks like a woman who bats for both and loves every minute of it… I’m just saying.

  18. I don’t dislike her, but then I’m not overly crazy about her either. But she does, indeed, have a great rack!

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