1. kimmykimkim

    No clue who this chick is and she’s doing a shitty job of making me want to care.

  2. DeucePickle

    Dear God she’s hot.

  3. O'chunt

    I think I’ll view this final five again.

  4. Cock Dr

    So very cute, so very wholesome, yet lacking in the va-va-voom factor needed for big stardom.

  5. seriouslynow

    A tasty piece in a sea of horseshit. Love this chick.

  6. Ruckus

    She has hand-job lips.

  7. Blech

    Finally, a fucking pale brunette that doesn’t look like a zombie, a corpse, or a meth head.

  8. Guest

    The comments about this girl leave me with hope for myself! Love it. Being in the veterinary field, though, I hate Animal Practice, which I think she’s associated with? not sure.

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