1. That beard style is called a “TC tickler”

  2. You’ll notice that no matter which angle John tilts his head to, his douche goatee stays at 90 degrees…SCIENTOLOGY!

  3. EricLR

    Even the kid knows he’s gay.

  4. The kids not quite sure what to make of it, but he heard a rumor that soul patch killed his brother.

  5. Hi little boy.

    I’m sorry you were born into that family and have that dad. That said, we will continue to make fun of your dad and his wacky religion, his weird fake hair, the goatee (or whatever the fuck that’s called), and the fact that he likes dick.

    Maybe someday when you’re older, you’ll understand and change your identity and run away to some foreign land where your father and his fleet of aircraft and all of his Xenu henchmen can’t find you.

    Good Luck!

  6. Hank E. Ring

    I’ll take this one to go please.

  7. If I were that kid I’d use the last name Preston and stay low.

  8. Even the kid looked skeptical of his dad when he claimed he was conceived by Travolta having sex with his mom.

  9. the poor kids side eye says it all.

  10. Bob

    Smart child. Where did he pick up the “fairy” hand gesture he’s throwing at his dad?

  11. Vlad

    The kid knew the goatee was fake as he reached up and his suspicions confirmed when half of it came off in his little fingers.

  12. meeps!

    You got a little something right th…

  13. That dude’s never had a believable beard.

  14. My Very First Beard! from Kennerâ„¢

  15. CtF

    The kid suspects that a man of his assailant’s wealth and standing really should be able to afford a better goatoupee.

  16. So this is the kid who was birthed for the Scientology cult to replace the previous kid who died from a seizure because the Scientology cult doesn’t believe in modern medicine?

  17. All the other ridiculous bullshit aside, wouldn’t you think a grown man with a wife, agents, and makeup artists could get that silly chin-brown on straight? It ain’t that fucking difficult!

  18. heey

    So that kid is adopted right? Does not look anything like his father.
    Or was he a gift from some poor believer who gave up a healthy son for a place in the inner circle of ‘psycho-tology’-tools.

  19. Axerty

    is he trying out for lead singer of Metallica?

  20. fred

    More hair on his ears than on the top of his head.

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