1. His boyfriend looks a little Heath Ledgery.

  2. Fresco

    I don’t care if he’s English, overworked or harassed by media. That guy does not look OK.

  3. EricLR

    Looks like his friend is escorting him to see his dealer about a matter of some owed money and missed payments.

  4. Tired of people ignoring you in the airports? Get the new lifesize Daniel Radcliffe Puppet! Before you can say “Attentius Whorianus!” paparazzi will be snapping your picture for TMZ!

  5. Hank E. Ring

    Liberace 2

  6. “Although Frank was older, Joe was the taller, less strung-out looking brother.”

  7. Blue Shirt Special

    Going for an audition to “Walking Dead”.

  8. Nice way to hide your gay lover, disguise him as your bodyguard.

  9. notgaynotgaynotgaynotgay.

  10. One of those guys was in the SAS and the other was a boy wizard.

  11. ultra

    this picture screams “prison bitch”

  12. cc

    This way to your blood transfusion sir.

  13. Spleen

    He just froze in mid step, and the guy with him is going to put him under one arm and carry him out to the limo.

  14. I think his wand backfired on him.

  15. CK

    Is this a ventriloquist act I’m looking at? That’s one creepy dummy.

  16. Geez. Fart or something, but for God’s sake do SOMETHING to loosen up those pants.

  17. Westcoastdude

    Judging from that side eye, she does not approve of dwarf tossing competitions.

  18. That guy might just be swinging some Daniel Radcliffe shaped luggage.

  19. Voice of Reisling

    Someday soon I’ll be a real boy!

  20. Looks like a cardboard cutout or something. The whole thing is just bizarre.

  21. Look, he’s seeing-eye douche for that tall blind guy!

  22. That seeing-eye dog looks just like a real human.

  23. The spinoff… “Harry Paler”

  24. Poor Harry, he’s going down at the speed of light.

  25. gigi

    damn…. when did the Twilight dude & Eric Northman hook up??

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