1. Just in case that guy wasn’t punchable enough on his own, his dog wears a bandana.

  2. “Yeah, that’s right! I’m banging Amanda Seyfried!”

  3. Is he fucking Amanda Seyfreid? This dude makes me sad. How can he pull that level of trim while I’m sitting at my computer fapping to Miley Cryus’ VMA performance?

  4. Blue Shirt Special

    Like seeing double of Justin Long. One has a mindless expression on his face and looks harmless. The other is the dog.

  5. EricLR

    She would be better off dating the dog.

  6. That’s one mac daddy.

  7. She literally has no standards, does she?

  8. Josephus

    Clearly she learned a few things during her recent film research.

  9. Bob

    You can tell he really likes her. There’s no way I would have posed for this still life photo with her and her stuffed dog.

  10. anonymous

    Someone should show him that pic and tell him that’s not the way a man walks.

  11. It’s okay, pretty soon they’ll be home, the dog will be stuffed and made into a table, and life will be normal again.

  12. Long Legs Butt Licker

    “Psst…Poochie, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “Woof, Woof.” “I know, he would look great in the corner of our living room!”

  13. He looks like an extremely feminine Ross from friends. That’s not a good thing.

  14. caley

    Amanda Seyfried looks on with lust…not at Justin Long, but at the thought of stuffing that dog. Never Justin Long. No. Sorry, Justin. But, no.

  15. That lucky motherfucker!!! “OPEN FIRE!”

  16. “And prance, 2, 3, 4…
    Act straight, 2, 3, 4…”

  17. heey

    Justin Long, they guy you date right before you find the love of your life.

  18. martina

    Three things:
    1. Amanda is very sexy.
    2. That dog is a douche for wearing that bandana.
    3. See number 1.

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