1. Lukas Haas tries the old “Lady and the Tramp” trick on Leonardo.

  2. EricLR

    “Hey Leo, play it cool man, but I don’t think the couple in front is impressed by our hats”

    “Like I told you when we were at the Hipster Hut…We should have gotten the ones with ironic feathers.”

  3. The only person who doesn’t reek of douche in this photo is the only one with a vagina.

  4. One more way e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking.

  5. I'mCool

    So a Lukas Haas is just a Ralph Macchio but with a dash of John Meyer? Why would anybody want one of those?

  6. Pickle Nose

    “That’s a sweet hat, Leo. What about mine? It’s cool too, right? Hey, when I overheard you saying you were taking your “flunky” to the US Open, what did you mean by that? Is that like some special tennis racket or something? Ha, that’s weird, I don’t see it here in the box…”

  7. So are they dating or what?

  8. cc

    You’ll notice how many people are watching the game with rapt attention.

  9. The Pope

    “Will inception work on her?”

    “Are you kidding? Look at her. We could write it on the jumbotron and call it a day.”

  10. blerg

    Johhny Depp is looking good these days…

  11. Bridget Fonda is not impressed.

  12. Beer Baron

    “Hey Leo, thanks again for resurrecting my career!”

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