1. EricLR

    One day, that girl is going to be sitting in a therapist’s office saying “How bad was it, living with two huge narcissists? My mom used to take me to school without a bra on just to get attention from my teachers!”

  2. Well, point in their favor for not naming her “Purple”.

  3. sprub

    Wow, that’s some wayward nipple!

  4. Weird creases?
    Or SERIOUS Eastie-Westies??

  5. Caroline

    They seem like decent parents and their children look like they live refreshingly normal lives.

  6. Voice of Reisling

    That shirt looks like a Hulk halloween costume.

  7. Her kids are always smiling. That’s the sign of a good family life.

  8. Just because you’re the offspring of rich & famous parents doesn’t mean it’s cool to show off by walking your pony to the first day of school.

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