1. Sadly, this is possibly the least douchy photo he has ever taken.

  2. PathosAvenger

    Miley looks different…

  3. EricLR

    Not since Grandmaster B has a white boy so impressed the hip hop community with his skill.

  4. Blue Shirt Special

    Damn it! Now they are making an Usher’s POV porn movie?!

  5. He wants to be Miley , but he just ain’t got da Skeeeeeelz.

  6. Canada can just go fuck itself. Fuck itself right in the ass.

    • Scuse me sir but Canada gave him to you.
      No giver taker backsies.
      As for Canada fucking it’s self?
      We been screwed, bonked and laid low by the likes of Rob Ford and our former Premier Dalton Mcguinty.
      Thoroughly used up I’m afraid.
      Bieber is the biggest piece of shit that Canada ever expelled.
      Keep him.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    R22 is raping the Beebz? How unfortunate.

  8. bernard

    Listening to playback of new tracks makes even Justin vomit

  9. cc

    I can’t speak from experience Bieber but you might want to tell Usher that eating lots of fruit is supposed to help with the taste.

  10. Jesus. Even Vanilla Ice wasn’t this annoying.

  11. Spleen


  12. He is slowly turning into Chris Brown.

  13. As a woman, I have to downscore him on the tongue. That puts him somewhere below sea level.

  14. Jenn

    So. He borrowed one of Travolta’s stache toupees which means they’re dating. Ooh.

  15. El

    Could someone just put him out of our misery?

  16. M OT H E R F U C K E R ! ! !
    For a second I thought that was his death mask.

  17. jennablon

    Wait… is he in a studio? Oh God no not more music!! Paging Dr. Kevorkian STAT!!

  18. blerg

    I wish GG Allin were still alive.

  19. heey

    how fast he went from hype to z-list thug, great career move little boy

  20. If thats how he sucks cock he’ll never go out with the boys.

  21. martina

    Miley needs to strap it on and teach him a lesson.
    Oh, Selena already tried that? Nevermind.

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