1. “Your last check bounced. I’m not doing this for free”

  2. Rosalie

    All the boys think she’s a spy.
    She’s got Michelle Bachman eyes.

  3. “You put this strap on in my purse didn’t you?”

  4. Don’t these “robot” posts belong on Geekologie?

  5. “We have ‘lots of sex’. Right, ‘honey’?”

  6. Are we sure that’s not Aniston? At least in this pic, there’s a strong resemblance.

  7. Mike Walker

    Looks like a retarded Jennifer Aniston.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    We can’t see the dude he’s staring at.

  9. Venom

    She is not aging well.

  10. Ego, the living planet

    Aubrey O’Day?

  11. Mwaddams

    Looks Like some sort of odd Cameron Diaz/Kelly ripa hybrid. Do not want.

  12. Perplexity

    She must be 4′ 6″ if she is looking UP at him

  13. TomFrank

    Am I the only one creeped out by the fact that Ryan Seacrest’s ventriloquist dummy looks exactly like his girlfriend?

  14. Sin

    So, you want me to lure another hot guy back for you?

  15. Knee Grow

    ” I’m not telling you again! Wear my thong, wash the shit stain out BEFORE I wear it!”

  16. RHawk

    Our word for today is “beard.” Who will be the first to use it in a sentence?

  17. “What do you mean put your penis in my vagi….ha! yoooouuu.”

  18. Nug

    Aniston with a nose job.

  19. becca

    Damn, Jen actually looks a little feminine in this pic.

  20. “You know the only reason this is working is because I won’t sleep with you unless we are married. Which works out in your favor.”

  21. Ponkur

    Those Japanese sex dolls are really coming along.

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