1. Anon

    People who frequent WalMart can now content themselves with the fact that they all now collectively look like a “famous” actress.

  2. kaylia


  3. Second take… Realized nipples visible… *barf

  4. Sure Tori… you’re looking… you’re looking… gooood.

  5. Now we know where they got the inspiration for Shrek’s face.

  6. SSHGuru

    She’s wearing Shrek’s shoes. However I’d rather do Shrek.

  7. your mom

    Brave move going bra-less in what has got to be her 9th trimester.

  8. Hickok

    Martha Plimpton is back bitches! Holla

  9. Abraxas

    Oh my god, Mickey Rourke went tranny!

  10. TigerGD

    Skywalker dropped that gate on my back, and I ain’t been right since!

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    I guess that’s how a woman is going to look when the child has their 5th birthday still inside the womb. That doesn’t explain the shoes or the frightening disregard for anyone who might see those boobs.

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    That wall behind her is made out of gingerbread

  13. jd

    Pregnancy is not a career, honey.

  14. Why can’t they take some of the extra material from her belly and back fill that crater in her chest with it? I think I just solved one of her problems.

  15. edamame

    Please don’t let that be her kids’ preschool. This should get her arrested.

  16. Ticonderoga

    Hurry up Torri, i don’t want anyone to see me walking with a mongoloid tranny.

  17. Sardonic

    That’s one scary ass mash-up: Shrek vs. Depardieu

  18. bonerspunk

    Celebrities, they’re just like us!

  19. When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come and see!” I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.

  20. Mickey01232000

    She never was the most attractive woman but now she has made it to House Frau status.

  21. dontlooknow

    Jeez, when is she gonna have this kid?! She’s been pregnant longer than anybody in Hollywood!!

  22. tessa


  23. Ismoss

    I know I’ve seen her in a horror movie back in the 80′s.

  24. Johnny P!

    God’s Eye briefly pauses over Tori, then moves on.
    God: “WTF?!?”
    Aaron: “Look, haven’t I apologized enough already?!? ‘Cmon, let’s watch some Charlie’s Angel reruns. Whaddya say?”

    • TomFrank

      God: “Well, at least they’ll be better than that reboot they’re doing now. Have you seen it? I’m making your body turn over in its grave as we speak.”

  25. Ego, the living planet

    I want angry townspeople to charge her with torches.

  26. farting old man's wife

    I think she looks like William Shatner!!

  27. Mwaddams

    I thought mama cass died.

  28. I gotta give it to the guy. He must have one hell of an imagination to lay on top of that and give it a go.

  29. Perplexity

    If he knew that she would look like this, I’m not sure he would have gotten her pregnant.

  30. Kat

    Dear God. This really needs a warning, or something.

  31. Napoupi

    Mickey Rourke lost a ton of weight. Never looked better in my opinion.

  32. Gerttastic

    Ernest Borgnine is a cross dresser?

  33. scumbag cheater gets what he deserves

  34. i’d hit that, with a truck!

  35. yoyoblack

    ew, madam mim

  36. I am under the impression she is either chronically pregnant or just fat.

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