1. More like Suelyn Chinny-Chin Chin, amirite?

  2. barbosa

    Model? for what, Penningtons?

  3. Canadianhouseguest

    Model? I’m not seeing it. I see “Waitress at Rib Shack”.

  4. Cecilia

    In Brasil, when you say you are a model, and you look like this, it means you are a hooker. Just saying.

  5. farting old man's wife

    She must not like the water, maybe she is afraid her crabs will float away!

  6. Mwaddams

    If she models brazilians, why the bikini bottoms?

  7. Updoxx

    I bet she can’t swim. If she goes into the water, her face and all those fake eyelashes will melt.

  8. Audrey Jo

    I’m afraid this hairdo and make up give her a hookerish flair, indeed. Very tacky. But let me tell you: Brazilian models do not look like this. Think of Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. The thing is: 1. Brazilian supermodels are not considered hot in Brazil. 2. This girl in Las Vegas does not look like a Brazilian model.
    In Brazil men enjoy curves – they do not see fat. They put Angelina and Anniston in the same basket: very beautiful – but not exactly hot.
    Having curves does not necessarily slut you up, but it makes your body more inviting, according to natural laws and instincts. As a Brazilian* living both in Brazil and USA, I´d say America is not comfortable about sex yet.
    Take the test. Go for the last picture, and get conscious about how strict and conservative moral judgments are deeply rooted in American mind: if you look at a nice piece of ass and start thinking of how it´s gonna sag down in the future, I´m sorry, buddy, but you just don´t get it. And you shouldn’t ever get it, because you would not know what to do with that.
    *(Yep: I have a big butt.)

  9. the mongoloid look must be hot in Brazil

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