1. Cock Dr

    A face that only a generation of indoctrinated adolescents could love.

  2. Joe

    Dipshit actor? Yep.

    Padres hat? Yep.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  3. He’s flying in to audition for the Smokey and the Bandit reboot: Smokey and the Bandit…and Vampires.

  4. G

    Mr Pattinson is known by underage girls to shine like cristal in the sunlight. Mr Pratt is crazy about his cristals. Now everything is clear to me… as clear as cristals, Mr Prattinson.

  5. Aah! It’s Ryan Dunn, back from the grave to haunt us!

  6. Tony Gwynn

    Padres, bitches!!!

  7. cc

    There’s a team called the Padres?

  8. There’s more testosterone in Chaz Bono.

  9. “Hell no, there ain’t no weapons in this bag…only drugs.”

  10. MammaMia

    his beard is catching up with his eyebrows.

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