1. “What do you mean gay?”

  2. Apparently they’re not quite done deprogramming him…

  3. I guess the Spin Doctors were right – it really has been a whole lot easier since the bitch is gone.

  4. swearin

    He just remembered he was married to Madonna for awhile.

  5. edamame

    Hasn’t been able to wipe that stupid grin off of his face since he ditched the ultimate bitch! He probably planted a hydrangea farm around his house, to make sure she never comes back!

  6. “Hydrangea’s? Why I’d love some, thank you. How’d you know they were my favorite?”

  7. MRF

    I can’t believe I got rich for fucking Madonna either!

  8. Johnny P!

    Seen walking out of Madge’s “W.E.” screening..
    “God, I’m a fucking BRILLIANT director!”

  9. Venom

    He has that looks like he just shipped a truckload of hydrangeas to Madonna’s doorstep.

  10. farting old man's wife

    Hell no I don’t want her back!!!

  11. cc

    Fix your collar and make another good gangster movie.

  12. donkeylicks

    Oi, et’s ben ah lovely toime wit you Mary Poppins

  13. UncleDenial

    He woke up smiling everyday after the divorce and as all mothers warn us, it froze that way.

  14. Napoupi

    Heard he misses her so damn much he’ll only have sex with salt-cod these days…

  15. That’s the face of a man who DOESN’T have to see Madonna naked any more.

  16. Cups

    “Guy Ritchie in London”, eh? Seems redundant.

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