1. Keep it Positive

    Wow! He still looks exactly the same as he did on 90210. He hasn’t aged at all. But now he looks happy. I’m happy for him!

  2. Dude…you have a little something on your shirt.

  3. These Hangover sequels are starting to look rediculous.

  4. New numberplate needed on his Corvette – I8ABABY

  5. Venom

    At least he placed his baby in the right position to hide his shame.

  6. Getting my roughs off

    Highly recommended if allergic to teflon.

  7. Johnny P!

    “Hello, Mr. Scott! May I call you Ridley? I heard you were doing an Alien prequel, and excuse me for coming prepared with a prop, but might there still be a part I could audition for?”

  8. cc

    Can’t be…

  9. “Nanny?” “I prefer Au Pair.”

  10. Napoupi

    This child is trying to forget…

  11. “Quaid…start the reactor…”

  12. “I found this at Coffee Bean”

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