1. Cock Dr

    I would love to party with him, but I’ll bet he smells bad.

  2. “Weeeze the juice, buuuudy.”

  3. It’s Peter Dinklage’s full-sized doppleganger.

  4. King

    “Listen, Umbrella-Girl… what part of ‘it’s not going to suck itself’ didnt you understand?”

  5. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    “Boy! Stripping is stripping! You want to lean about the naked bongos, or do you want the naked bongos to learn about you?!?!”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I think I’d rather see the Kristen Stewart RoboCop flick.

  7. edamame

    I Just Keep Livin’ in my bathrobe.

  8. edamame

    That’s the great thing about Hollywood sluts….I keep makin’ movies, and they keep wanting to blow me.

  9. “Now take the skirt steak, as succulent a piece of beef as there’s ever been. It’s cut right from the midsection of the cow, right around here for you and I. Grilled up right with a little chimichurri sauce and a special glass of red, red wine…yessir, ain’t nothing quite like a sweet piece of skirt steak after a hard day of drum-circles, surfing, and pounding my bong, Sensei Gaiatron. Fannnntastic.”

  10. farting old man's wife

    He is telling that guy where his wife’s nipples have dropped to after having the kids!!

  11. cc

    The fluffer is checking to see if he needs to swing into action.

  12. Mwaddams

    They don’t wash him, but they change the bathrobe 30 times daily.

  13. monkeyspank

    Well you know, I guess my penis is about this long…

  14. Perplexity

    Note to self: Bongo Jam session at 8:00

  15. TomFrank

    “Hey, I get to go shirtless in this movie, right? Kick ass.”

  16. “Yeah, I’m ready for the shot. Let me just rub a little vaseline on my nipples to really make them pop.”

  17. DeucePickle

    “Dr. Rey, you’ve done it again, you fuckin genius”

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