1. Diablo Dude

    Randy Jackson has lost a lot of weight, dawg.

  2. That’s just Erkel stopping bitchy terrorists.

  3. EricLr

    Ma’am, for the hundredth time, those aren’t paparazzi. They’re security cameras.

  4. I’d rather see her sister, Pan Tea Shields.

  5. She’s an idiot and piss poor actor, but even without the makeup, I’d still fuck her stupid. Sorry… “stupider”

    • EricLr

      The fact that Princeton not only admitted that bimbo, but also awarded her an actual degree, is proof of just how easily celebrities and the politically-connected can get into the Ivy League and then famous their way through their classes. This is why I laugh every time someone cites James Franco or some other famous bimbo/himbo getting a degree as evidence of their intelligence.

      If you want to see how intelligent you have to be to make it through the Ivy League when you’re famous, go listen to the “Blue Lagoon” commentary track some time. It’s all the director can do not to laugh through the whole thing at the dumb shit this bimbo says.

  6. BillEBuoy

    After getting feeled-up, how does Brooke end up being the only one smiling? He looks absolutely disturbed by the whole experience.

  7. FINALLY! Someone is paying attention to me!

  8. “So it’s true. Nothing comes between you and your Calvins.”

  9. Alice Pooper

    dweeby looking TSA guy provides excellent foil

  10. I wish that was me. I would’ve given her a thorough cavity search. She is very suspicious, after all.

  11. Chocolate Rain
    Miss Brooke stays dry while others feel the pain…

  12. Urvag

    Somebody get Brooke a shield….for her face.

  13. “I simply LOVE the way these dusky-hued men perform cavity searches!”

  14. This is like the exact opposite of the previous Shack & Grace pic.

  15. XGL

    Man, I don’t necessarily like this girl, but the second Tom Cruise jumped all over her for taking antidepressants, I turned mama bear on him protecting her. So, I still love her because she made TC look like an idiot. But she might need some uppage on those SSRI’s

  16. catapostrophe

    TSA. The T is for Turtle.

  17. Mama Pinkus

    oh dear, on first glance I thought that was Maria Schwarzenegger

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    Another day, Another stolen ipad for TSA Urkel… You know he’s going to sell her strip search pictures online right?

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