1. Ivory and Ivory, ruling the US in harmony. Both guys are looking at Obama and realizing that they finally agree on an issue.

  2. Cock Dr

    Glad to see that Romney at least blended his bronzer a little more efficiently on this outing.

  3. BillEBuoy

    Bill: “Wow Mitt. The GOP CAN buy nicer boobs! Good job, buddy.”
    Mitt: “yeahhhhh.”

  4. Bill: “That’s your wife?”
    Mitt: “Yah, she’s a great lady”
    Bill: “She certainly was last night”

  5. Mohawk Disco

    Where is Dr. Baltar when you need him. Romney looks like a robot. Must be a cylon!

  6. Clinton: Man, I’d like to use her like a cigar holder!
    Mitt: I’d like to make that lady one of my wives!

  7. “Go Go Clinton X-Ray Vision!”

  8. 1NDUN

    What a great camera to reveal Bill’s x-ray vision.

  9. B&WMinstrel

    “I can help Mitt, but only 47%”

  10. terry

    Obama has nothing to do with this.
    Tell me, with 23 million jobs lost after 2008 where did all that payroll money go considering the GDP is bigger than it was during the height of the bubble?
    About 800 billion in payroll money is collecting in the pockets of the private sector each year whilst they feast off of the greatest GDP on earth. And we still borrow 10 billion from China each month.
    If you believe that the private sector is responsible for hiring you then with all that excess payroll money in their grasp it should be a cake walk to hire millions of people. Where is the excuse not to?That 800 billion is greater than any fucking tax cut and deregulation Congress could even give the private sector.
    The private sector simply doesn’t give a fuck.

    • I didn’t find this joke funny at all!

    • bonky

      Gilbert Gottfried does that whole bit on stage in Atlantic City and it KILLS !

    • What about “private” do you not understand? Are you mad that its not yours and you cant divvy it out how you see fit? You seem to be confusing the private sector with some social program that is failing you. Never underestimate the greed of the “public sector” because it has never seen a pool of money that it hasn’t desperately coveted.

      I was the third employee hired in a company that grew to one-hundred and fifty. Every step of the way the “public sector” milked us for taxes and fees while saddling us with a mind numbing labyrinth of guidelines, regulations, and laws. Instead of laying people off, the owners stopped taking paychecks. But guess what happened when the local “public sector” had their budgets cut? That’s right, they laid their people off and hired us. We still laugh about it. The money I made put me through school and guess who tried to take as much of it as they could….my local “public university,” that surprise, surprise, was desperate for money. There is no such thing as “public” money. It’s ALL private money, but some of it was siphoned off under threat of arrest.

  11. it had to be said

    “You see that one over there? You want her for a wife after I’m done with her?”

  12. “…shown here demonstrating the Presidential Sex Ray for candidate Romney”

  13. the old rapist and chief. democrats look up to him because he raped women

    • XGL

      Hey! the guy loved and banged women but nobody ever claimed rape! I know you are probably a republican, and this is hard to understand, but sex outside of marriage isnt rape. and magic lady parts don’t take care of unwanted pregnancies.

      • jen

        actully he was accused of rape…Juanita Broaddrick….se alleged Clnton, when he was Arkansas Attorney General and she was a major Clinton fundraiser, raped her.

  14. Kitti

    Bill: Whoa! Check out the cankles on that one!
    Mitt: Yeah! I’d sure like to put some Mormon underwear on her…!

  15. Bill: “Man I’d like to screw her”.
    Mitt:”Me too, out of what?”

  16. Gabe Kaplan

    Mitt was feeling the love from the crowd until he was…


  17. Bionic_Crouton

    “Alright, lets quit for today… Who wants to go to Hooters?

  18. Urvag

    Hey Mitt…check out the intern in row 2. You come up with the lies and I’ll get the cigars.

  19. Pierce Bronzetan

    Forget laser cats! Laser Clinton is all the rage now.

  20. I really thought Bill has laser eyes.

  21. cc

    “The girl in the front row isn’t wearing panties…check it out Mitt.”

  22. saavik001

    The IRS needs to tax those panties….

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