1. A mess. Take more out of the front and put it in the back

  2. Mohawk Disco

    Picasso’s long lost masterpiece, ‘A Collage of Wrong’.

  3. now THAT’S unfortunate.

  4. B&WMinstrel

    That’s not a woman that’s a Halloween costume

  5. The show lives up to its name, but only in places.

  6. cagster

    I hope she has a coat to cover up on the bus ride home.

  7. There’s nothing sexxxier than an all natural woman.

  8. Cock Dr

    Pink spikes & bows on extreme black stilettos = very confused footwear message

  9. BillEBuoy

    His face is nothing short of a mess.

  10. Jade

    Kill it with fire.

  11. Jesus this chick looks like Kim Kardashian in a dress two sizes too small and way too comfortable looking like a stuffed sausage…so yeah, she looks like Kim Kardashian.

  12. HollywoodOutsider

    Jessie the Cowgirl: The Porn Years.

  13. bonky

    What the hell is wrong with her ? Did rigor mortis set in ?

  14. Urvag

    That hair is such an insult to Mr. Kool-Aid.

  15. I thought she looked real classy until I saw that her bra cups were exposed.

  16. Is this a Joan Holloway cosplay?

  17. Martina

    very Kardashianesque

  18. Penis Wrinkle

    now that’s a funny shape…

  19. **HURRY** — her hair is on fire! Someone get a fire extinguisher and…Oh, wait. Nevermind.

  20. SexJihaad9/11

    No one does trashy women quite as well as the Brits


    This is so unfortunate…the top says half used tampon

  22. cc

    No wonder the Irish are known as being fond of a pint.

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