1. What does this girl “do” exactly?

  2. A millian dollar smile, a twenty dollar ensemble.

  3. Craptard


  4. Jade

    She raided Nicki Minaj’s closet I see.

  5. Even knowing she’s been caught mid-crushing kittens for a Japanese fetish video, she is still hot.

  6. God Damn she’s fucking perfect.

  7. For fuck’s sake, why did this chick take clothes from the 80′s rack???

  8. “Hello out there, Boys. I’m looking for a chubby, bald-headed old man in his 60′s to get me out of this dump and accompany me on a longgg vacation. Might end up being for years and years. After much contemplation I have decided on YOU, vitobonespur! I’ll send you a confirmation email…”

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