1. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Their still there

    and youre still old

  2. That guy is on Dancing With The Ninja Stars.

  3. Looks like her diaper has a load in it.

  4. I missed the show. Did he dance with her while wearing a full body condom?

  5. Fine, since your gay…I mean a dancer…I’ll just touch them myself!

  6. Cadillac Jack

    “Sweep the leg! No Mercy!”

  7. Jade

    “They used to be THIS big, but I kept getting black eyes.”

  8. see if i push them in my belly pops out

  9. duder

    One. Two. TWO leaking bags of hepatitis! Mwa ha ha.

  10. YTBOY

    That’s one lucky dude. He get to watch her feel her boobs. WOW!!!

  11. elephantman

    You guys are so mean! I’d hit it!!

  12. Keno

    Grabbing your own boobs will not distract us from the fact that you forgot to wear pants today…

  13. Raoul

    “Hey! I hear Tokyo!”

  14. Pierce Bronzetan

    “…and then when it dribbles out of my mouth, I like to let it sit right between… here!”

  15. Fingerogd

    “I owe my career to these babies”

  16. JK

    This is where they used to be, but I had all the silicone taken out.

  17. icu

    “I remember when they used to be this high up above my knees!”

  18. joho777

    I know Pam is 50, but what’s with the stomach?

  19. XGL

    Her partner is fucking flawlessly hot. Sucks he got partnered with Hep A here and got booted the first week!

  20. Chris

    How can she look flat-chested??

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